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About Us and What We Do

At Mainland, we’re all about quality advice. We specialise in sorting through the abundance of insurance, mortgage and investment products and matching the “best fit” for our clients.

All the time we hear people say “we find all that insurance and finance stuff mind boggling”! That’s the reason why we exist and why we have become our regions’ most trusted and comprehensive financial solutions provider. We get a kick out of helping our clients to make the decisions that will ultimately give them peace of mind!

So first things first, we need to talk! Once we get to know you, your personal situation, your dreams and goals, we can create a plan to help you get your ducks in a row. The Mainland team are made up of Authorised Financial Advisers, Qualified Brokers, a Mortgage Broker, a Specialist Investment Adviser and a bunch of support staff who help make things run smoothly. You will find us in our inviting offices at 55 Theodosia Street, Timaru (state highway 1).

Mortgages & Lending

Getting on and up the property ladder.

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Personal & Business Insurance

Protecting you, your family, your lifestyle and your business.

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Retirement Savings & Investment

Building and preserving your financially secure future

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General Insurance

Protecting your hard-earned assets from loss.

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